Excerpts from Core Brian Journal’s post and Podcast with Dr. Larry Afrin

Excerpt from Jennifer’s Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Story

“Consider your life.

Now consider how your life might change if things like loud noise, heat, strong emotions or stress, odors or even being startled could cause you to have an allergic reaction. Imagine suffering allergic reactions so frequently that you prayed for just 30 seconds of real relief each day. Imagine dreading the next reaction, because it may bring vomiting and diarrhea, convulsions, unresponsiveness or even paralysis-like symptoms.”

Jennifer Robin, who was diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS)[2] in 2014, faced these challenges daily until she received treatment in 2015 from University of Minnesota Health Hematologist/Oncologist Lawrence Afrin, MD, an internationally respected expert on MCAS.

‘The disease can be a life-ruiner. I was unable to work, live independently, drive, have a social life—or really have much of any life,’ said Jennifer.

Excerpt from post associated with Dr. Afirn’s podcast by Core Brain Journal

“My Strong Recommendation To Mind Science Professionals At Every Level: Read It Now

MCAS is a global problem, not limited to Dr Afrin’s post in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota. In my offices I’ve missed it for years because this information didn’t arrive on my doorstep wrapped in a fine Amazon package.

If you care about chronic, refractory treatment failure, both medical and psychological/psychiatric – you absolutely must first listen to this introductory CBJ/028 interview with Dr Afrin, then you must read his fresh, engaging, unpretentious, life-changing book. Read it even if you’re a PhD psychologist, an LPC or LCSW – and certainly if you’re a FNP, PA or trained medical professional at any level – especially Family Practitioners and Internists on the front lines who repeatedly witness treatment failure.

Why? Because you see patients like Jennifer in your offices daily, and hate it when you don’t know what to do.

Overcome your immunity denial, your concern about litigation [see the multiple references below] based upon challenges from dogma and disbelief, and dive into these refreshing waters not only for the broken souls in your office, but for your own well-being, self-mastery and your job-well-done legacy. This book builds character.

Dr Afrin never claims, even in the context of his earnest, passionate, opinionated self, to have all the answers. Just read a few paragraphs and you’ll quickly feel that he’s an old buddy you met out at your lake house one summer in Minnesota. He’s humble with what he didn’t know then, and what he doesn’t know now.

He’s just smarter about MCAS than we are.

His relentless search, his fresh answers, directly inform our work everyday as examples for both intelligent process and informed content.”

Link to podcast: http://www.corebrainjournal.com/2016/07/028-lawrence-afrin-mast-cell-activation-syndrome/

About Dr. Charles Parker of The Core Brain Journal: 

“Dr. Parker is a Neuroscience Consultant, Child and Adult psychiatrist, and psychopharmacologist with a more detailed curriculum at Dr Charles Parker and CorePsych. He specializes in diagnostic and medical services for troubled children, adolescents and adults. His broad range of clinical experience from psychoanalysis to substance abuse, to psychopharmacology and SPECT neuroimaging, to his experience with systems/functional medicine and biomedical assessments, provides a comprehensive foundation for more informed treatment interventions – especially for previous treatment failures.


Dr. Parker’s philosophy starts with a consistent practice of teamwork with everyone from the family in the office to a growing team of national and international providers with whom he regularly consults.

With 45 + years of experience he works with a variety of treatment issues from the challenging to the apparently simple, with patients who have multiple issues and treatment trials, and those uncomfortable with that first psychiatric consultation. Frequently he presents to a variety of national medical and lay audiences on topics from neuroimaging to advances in psychopharmacology, and the growing pervasive problems with the downstream brain effects of neurotoxins.”

Information about CoreBrain Journal 

“CoreBrain Journal is my chance share the latest discoveries in mind science from policy makers, researchers and the informed public

– to hear their stories,
– what inspired their insights,
– what decisions changed their careers and their lives,
– what relationships influenced their projects,
– how they work to make further progress, even down at the street level in Anytown.

Our discussions here at CBJ provide maps and markers out on the Reality Road that will help avoid detours, sharp turns, and pitfalls along life’s way. New maps, with fresh perceptions, open new doors of mind understanding here at CBJ. Stunning new data points and incredible fresh technologies dramatically change options for exemplary care in today’s changing mind science.

Here I’ll share with you insightful, driven practitioners who repeatedly dig for answers to the complexity of challenges with mind health – both professionals and concerned mothers who search relentlessly for answers over their child’s lifetime. Through CBJ, those cumulative insights will come directly to you with links and references that honor the teamwork of those who’ve come before.
Treatment Failure

Medical imprecision creates guesswork, treatment compromise, and, too often, treatment failure. I still love my practice, and also spend many hours teaching anyone interested the details of how to use fresh data and excellent resources now available through dramatic advancements in brain science technology.”


Information about Dr. Parker’s Core Brain Journal is posted with permission.