And all in 6 months – and with no pre-launch team, no bribery of friends and family to write reviews on day 1 of publishing (yes, this happens in the publishing industry and it has no merit on the content of the book necessarily), and solely because a book like this is very much needed for both patients and the entire medical field.

So, happy six month anniversary to being part of the change that was clearly much needed! 

Mast Cell Research is holding a contest for how many of Dr. Lawrence Afrin’s book ‘Never Bet Against Occam: Mast Cell Activation Disease and the Modern Epidemics of Chronic Illness and Medical Complexity‘ have been sold, to celebrate the 6 month anniversary since it was published.

If you would like to participate, please do so. The contest is open through tomorrow morning at 9 am!

Additionally, Team Wella held a contest for Wellapalooza 2016 and announced the winners a while ago. However, they cannot send prizes without addresses! Team Wella has heard from one person only. If you attended Wellapalooza 2016, please make sure you read this post & email us your address! (See links below)

Winners of the contest will be tagged in the thread posted on the Mast Cell Research Facebook Page yesterday. Books can’t be sent without addresses, so please make sure to pay attention to your tag notifications.

Last, the 2nd contest to celebrate the 6-month publishing anniversary of Dr. Afrin’s book, is to see who guesses how many total books have been sold thus far. The person who either guesses the total number correctly (all formats) will receive a free book (paperback) shipped directly to their house. We are looking for total books sold – paperback, hardcover, and digital across all retailers. 

Please comment below with your best guess, or email to You can also make a guess on our Mast Cell Research Facebook Page

Recent review: 

A worthy read for patients AND doctors!

A worthy read for anyone suffering “mystery illness” of any kind. Have you been bouncing from specialist to specialist? Been told it’s just in your head or referred to a psychiatrist?? This book may be just the key for you! –I wish every doctor and every practice would get and read it!! I believe Dr Afrin is onto something BIG and may be uncovering the underlying cause of many illnesses.”

Winners of both contests will be announced Monday, and you can keep guessing how many books have been sold through tomorrow morning at 9am!

Link to review on Amazon

Please share if you would like!

– Mast Cell Research Team

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