“It’s Really Not All In Your Head!!!

After struggling with health issues for most of my life, it was reading Dr. Afrin’s work that finally brought all the pieces together. How I wish this knowledge was available 25 years ago as it would have prevented countless years of suffering “strange” and “unusual” symptoms for which many doctors were unable to find a cause or solution and which ruled my life. Thankful for the work of Dr. Afrin and others like him who are willing to brave the onslaught of criticism by their peers to help patients who up until now had no hope.”

“Just buy it already!!

I don’t know why I waited a year from purchasing this book to review it. I devoured every page in two days. The whole time thinking that’s me, how did he know, and OMG finally someone who believes I’m not crazy! The book is written in a way anyone can understand and just made me feel vindicated. It also helped me put together all the symptoms I have had since birth. I see myself in one of my children and now can help them from a lifetime of struggle because of Dr. Afrin’s mast cell work.”