What a way to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the publishing of ‘Never Bet Against Occam: Mast Cell Activation Disease and the Modern Epidemics of Chronic Illness and Medical Complexity’ (2016, Sisters Media, LLC) that by sharing some of the recent reviews!Β 

“Five Stars – So so so great for anybody dealing with Mast Cell Disease. Easy to follow and even entertaining!” – AnonymousΒ 

“Great book with super information on mcad Mast Cell Activation Disorder. I’ve really enjoyed learning about it.” – AnonymousΒ 

“Dr. Sugested, great read! I was recently diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Disorder by my internal medicine doctor after suffering for many years. He suggested that I read this book to better understand Mast Cell Activation. This was a fantastic read with lots of information that was pertinent to my disorder. I enjoyed the individual case studies and the treatments that the doctor prescribed for each individual case. It gave me hope that I would to find something that would help with my Mast Cell disorder. Loved the appendix at the end of the book and the glossary. This is a must-have for anyone suffering with Mast Cell Activation disorder.” – AnonymousΒ 

“5.0 out of 5 stars – Life changing

This book has been life changing. I really appreciated all of the different case studies that Dr. Afrin went into depth on. I originally bought this because I thought a family member may have mast cell activation syndrome. What I didn’t expect to find was that I had the symptoms of mast cell activation syndrome too! A dry list of symptoms just does not do the syndrome justice. When I read the case studies in this book, I could see bits and pieces of my history in the patients.

Because of what I’ve read in Dr. Afrin’s wonderful book, I’ve started some basic mast cell stabilizers: Dr.s Best Quercetin Bromelain, 1 pill 2x day (this has greatly reduced my general inflammation and the symptoms that go along with it) and Dr.s Best Zinc Carnosine (recommended dosage in studies) this has done wonders for the inflammation in my gut and the damage caused by it. I’ve also started an immune system modulator, Moducare, (recommended dosage) which has been amazing for the muscle cramping I’ve had for at least 25 years. And believe me, I’ve tried everything to help my muscles relax. When I was a kid, I used to think that I was just buff when I poked at a muscle and it felt hard. Little did I know then that the hard muscles were one huge muscle knot. (My idea behind the Moducare is that it will hopefully keep the other cells that produce cytokines, like basophils and eosophils, from taking up the mast cell’s slack, once the mast cells stop producing as many cytokines. I have to admit I didn’t expect to see an improvement in my muscle tension, let alone such a dramatic one.)

While my symptoms aren’t gone by a long shot, these are early days – comparatively speaking – and there is improvement each week. Please keep in mind that I don’t have the same histamine problem that many people with mast cell activation syndrome do, so I could take these brands of supplements without trouble. 1 Allegra a day does just fine for me. My main problem seems to be excessive inflammatory cytokine production.

And the family member who I originally read this book for? Their antihistamine usage has dropped by 2/3 to 3/4, depending on the day. This person has gone from feeling sick much of the day to quite functional most of the time. It’s truly a miracle.

Thank you Dr. Afrin for taking time to write this book!” – AnonymousΒ 

“5.0 out of 5 stars – He does a good job making a complex topic understandable

I ordered this book based on a recommendation from my new functional medicine doctor. I had no idea what it was about. Opened it, and I read it in two days. He does a good job making a complex topic understandable. Dr. Afrin has numerous examples of case studies (that show just how varied the symptoms of this disease can be). At one point, I literally thought I was reading a story about my mom. Suddenly (and quite unexpectedly) I had a hypothesis about her chronic and bizarre sets of symptoms that she has never been able to get any help for in spite of many doctor attempts. Then, lo and behold, I found things that fit me in the book as well. I am excited to learn more and am pleased to have another possible direction to explore as I try to feel better myself. It is a great book.” – Anonymous