This is me! – I have heard it for most of my 50 years. “You are puny.” “Why can’t you ever pass up a virus or “bug”?” “It is impossible to be allergic to that! No one is allergic to that!” “You just need to eat better and exercise!” Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. God Bless Dr. Afrin for not only confirming that there really is a reason behind my complicated medical history but for having a plan to deal with the complexities of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. As a person, Dr. Afrin is without a doubt, one of the kindest, gentlest and most compassionate souls I have yet to meet. The book is fantastic as a medical resource for my regular phycians and also for me, the patient. I bought copies for the other doctors I see, egos be damned! I handed each doctor their book and said, “This is me.” What a wonderful feeling! This is ME and this is how we are going to get me to the best me I can be!”
Really great read!! – Excellent overview of the many conditions that mast cell activation can impact. Written for lay people and also a good read for medical professionals. Many patient stories and helpful treatment options. Reads like a medical mystery or Clue- is it Colonel Mustard in the library? No, it’s Mr. Mastcell in the gut. Highly recommend if you like to read how a caring doctor helped and continues to help patients who are zebras.” – Anonymous 

“Five Stars – Great book. Very informative. This is a book every medical student and doctor should read.” – Anonymous

This is an amazing book! – This is an amazing book!! I highly recommend this book to anyone who has many symptoms and can’t seem to get answers. Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is fairly newly discovered and most doctors did not learn about it in school. Hence, so many unknowledgeable doctors. But the patients who have been suffering with many symptoms sure find out where to get help, in time. I have personally bought 5 copies of this book, to share with others. Everyone who has read it, has thanked me, shared it, and was very impressed with Dr. Afrin and his understanding of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. The book is awesome! Dr. Afrin is awesome!!” – Anonymous