***Please note – Information will be provided and updated on the Mast Cell Research Update page as additional details are confirmed.***

“Dr. Afrin would like to thank the University of Minnesota for providing him a platform these past few years for advancing care, research, and education in mast cell activation syndrome, but the time has come to develop an independent institute/center for furthering this work.  As such, Dr. Afrin will be leaving UMN at the end of July 2017.  Please watch this space for announcements of additional specifics in the near future.  Dr. Afrin regrets the delay in new patient and follow-up evaluations this transition will cause and apologizes for any difficulties this transition may cause some of his patients.  Patients who previously had appointments with Dr. Afrin for August 2017 or later, or were on the waiting list for appointments, need not call or e-mail; although their appointments with Dr. Afrin will be pushed back a bit by the transition, they can rest assured they will be contacted at the appropriate time (and in the order in which they were already in the appointment queue or on the waiting list) and offered new appointments.  During and after the transition, Dr. Afrin will be happy to continue assisting other providers who contact him in their efforts to help patients with known or suspected mast cell disease. As awareness of mast cell activation disease continues increasing, and as more and more patients find answers and improved health in diagnosis and treatment of this disease, Dr. Afrin would like to express his heartfelt appreciation to all of his patients and colleagues for their support over the years and for their patience in this transition.”

Again, please refer to the Mast Cell Research Update page for updated information. Details will be provided as they are confirmed. Emails and questions should be directed to info@mastcellresearch.com