“As many readers know, I departed the University of Minnesota at the end of July and joined Dr. Tania Dempsey in Armonk, NY to develop an independent institute aimed at advancing care, research, and education in complex multisystem disorders including mast cell disease.  I resumed seeing patients this month in Armonk so that nobody would have to wait longer than necessary to consult with me.  Readers of my previous postings in this space may recall that I had initially declared, in planning my departure from UMN, that I would try to honor the order in which patients had gotten onto my waitlist (which by the time I left UMN had extended to about a three-year wait).  However, in the short time I have been practicing in Armonk, we have been discovering that it is taking an unexpectedly long time to contact patients on my wait list (e.g., time spent in “phone tag,” time waiting for responses to e-mails, etc.).  As such, there regrettably have been unused opportunities on my schedule, and therefore it now seems more appropriate to try a different approach, again with the aim of my seeing at the earliest opportunities any patients I might be able to help.  Thus, patients who have been waiting to be contacted by my new office are now welcome to call or e-mail (914-730-7390, info@armonkmed.com) to inquire about earlier slots.  New patients, too (i.e., those not previously on the wait list), are welcome to inquire.

Dr. Dempsey and I look forward to continuing to provide this patient community the best care possible and to advancing knowledge and awareness of this field.” – Dr. Lawrence Afrin