Tania Dempsey, M.D.

Dr. Tania Dempsey and Dr. Lawrence Afrin have joined forces to create a new, state-of-the-art medical institute focused on diagnosis, treatment, research and education regarding multi-system diseases, including mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS). Together, Drs. Afrin and Dempsey will work to create an independent organization to advance care, research, and education regarding this disease, and to serve the needs of patients with suspected and proven MCAS. 



“Dr. Tania Dempsey, MD is a board-certified internist and a diplomat of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. She received her MD degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and her BS degree from Cornell University.   She did her Internal Medicine-Primary Care residency at New York University/Bellevue Hospital.

In 2011, after 12 years of practicing medicine within a traditional medical model, she founded Armonk Integrative Medicine (AIM) based on the philosophy of integrating allopathic medicine and complementary therapies. Dr. Dempsey is an expert in chronic diseases, autoimmune disorders and mast cell activation syndrome.  She is an accomplished speaker and writer, and her chapter “Chronic Disease and Obesity: The Role of Food Sensitivities” can be found in Anti-Aging Therapeutics, Volume 16, which comprises 22 original chapters authored by the foremost clinical experts in human aging intervention. She has been featured on Fox 5 NY News, Observer, Reader’s Digest, Huffington Post, The NY Post and countless other media outlets.  Dr. Dempsey is a Board of Advisor member of XYMOGENs TLC (Thought Leaders Council).

Dr. Dempsey’s interest in mast cell activation and it’s connection to chronic disease began back in 2013 when she identified her first patient with mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS).  Since then, she has identified that over 75% of her patients have this syndrome.  Understanding how mast cells play a role in many chronic disease states, including pain syndromes, autoimmune diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders and the systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment will be the focus of her presentation.  For more information, please visit www.drtaniadempsey.com”



Address: 99 Business Park Dr. Armonk, NY 10504
Phone: 914-730-7390
E-mail:  info@armonkmed.com


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